Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two Week Break From School: ADVENTURE TIME!

Hello everyone! I am safely back from my travels, and ready to jump right into the final countdown! I spent the last two week school break traveling through Malawi and Mozambique, and am now back at site with a little over three months to go in my Peace Corps service. I had a great trip, and I am excited about the exciting challenge ahead! My two weeks of traveling were full of long, dusty days of travel, great food, new friends, and some truly beautiful sites! Although there were some rough days on the road, the trip was great! Here are some highlights of the adventure:

  Cheesecake as we cross the border into Malawi

Sunset and the first star of the night over Lake Malawi

A 10 hour train ride through beautiful scenery!

Ihla de Mocambique (Mozambique Island)
A 7 hour hike through the lush jungle searching for elephants in the mountains of Manica!

So, now I’m heading into my very last trimester as an English teacher in the Peace Corps.  It’s hard to believe that the last two years have gone so quickly, but I’m not done yet. There’s still so much to do! There are two youth leadership workshops to put on, an English theater piece to prepare with my students for the provincial competition, classes to teach, and as you all know, a basketball court to build! All the students and teachers, including myself, have been away from school for the last two weeks, but now it’s time to get back to the grind. That means, carrying more rocks, sand, and water to our construction site, transporting the cement and all the other materials from the provincial capital, and putting it all together! The players have already been practicing the best they can on a dirt court with a soccer ball (which as you can imagine is hard to dribble), and are so excited to continue with construction!


  1. Seven hours!! Did you find elephants? We didn't.

  2. No elephants :( but we did see lots of elephant poop and it was a beautiful jungle hike, so all was not lost! When were you guys there?